Installation instructions

Caution: The installation of auto water pump requires professional knowledge and skills. Otherwise, it will incur unnecessary malfunction and damage for these functional parts.

  1. The auto water pump may vary functionally with similar shape according to the production year. Please confirm the applicable vehicle model (production year and parts No.) and compare it with the demounted one to make sure the right application.
  1. Please clean radiator, engine, impeller cavity and clear rust spots and residue before installing the new auto water pump. If not, the metal rust and residue may invade mechanical seal parts of auto water pump and result in premature leakage of water.
  1. Please replace the seal ring or gasket at the installation, do not over-coat the sealant. Excess sealant may be suspended in solid form in the coolant and permeate into the gap between the seal ring and gasket, causing leakage of water.
  1. Please do not strike shaft when install auto water pump, and evenly tighten bolt according to specified torque power by vehicle maker’s requirements. Otherwise, the distortion of shaft and damage of bolt may result in leakage at the bolt connection.
  1. Please adjust fan belt to proper tension according to vehicle maker’s specified standard. Over tightening will bring about premature abrasion of the bearing and over loosening will result in abnormal noise of belt or overheat of the water.
  1. When auto water pump and fan clutch are working together, please pay attention to the vibration of water pump bearing and oil leakage of fan clutch. Excess vibration of water pump bearing may result in premature damage, or even worsen the engine hub; oil leakage of fan clutch may incur overheat of water.
  1. When replacing auto water pump, please exhaust the air and refill with qualified coolant. The main composition of coolant (ethanediol) is weak-acid. If the coolant is used or low-quality, it may easily generate air bubbles which will shorten the life of mechanical seal parts. Even it will result in the malfunction of impeller and engine, such as the erosion, corrosion, leakage, water overheat and etc.
  2. Please be aware that the abnormal noise around the auto water pump is caused by belt slippage mostly. It is not necessary to worry about the phenomenon that the noise of friction or resistance happens from the mechanical seal parts while the pump is turned by hands. This noise will be disappeared after injecting water. And also it is a normal phenomenon that a little bit liquid leaks while the engine starts working.

Please refer to your vehicle’s workshop manual for any special removal and fitting instructions. Fitting may only be performed by suitably trained personnel.